Bitly FLIP
CryptoFLIPs What?

CryptoFLIPs What?

Welcome to BitlyFLIP!

This Website Accepts Crypto Blockchain Payments Only!

Join The Fun! What is a Bitly FLIP? It is a way to view the internet like you are reading a magazine. Create your own 3DFLIP here! Your small donation of crypto goes a long way! Please help small business.

You can create a 3DFLIP story for $.50 in crypto per page, show off whatever you like, your personal, your business, anything you like. Create a JPG FLIP or a PDF FLIP, tell your story, advertise your business or tell a joke, make a more complex meme, it depends on your creativity. Download and post your 3DFLIP to social media!

Get exposure, create an advertisement brochure for your business or tell a story about a vacation you once had. Share your stories with other people on Bitly FLIP. Upload a cover, and images, or 1 PDF for your whole story or just share PDF resources and research.

Your payment helps keep fun website like this going and helps small business. Thank you!

Spend a couple minutes and FLIP through some of the pages and you never know what you may come across!

10 pages and up is $.25 per page in crypto. 50 pages and up is $.10 per page. Each 3DFLIP will be setup within 24 hours from payment. If you would like a private project please feel free to contact us.

Order pages now using crypto for payment!

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